How To Get Your Sex Toy Through TSA

There is no problems with putting a piece airprt clothes around the head or something like that, when the massager is working in the low speeds. You can be absolutely sure that you will get a real Europe Magic Wand from this seller. Best regards, Lasse S. I am relay impress about your post. And how your Wand will work, if I shall much load it? Marten January 21, Why Hitachi have more powerful motor then Europe, is that associated with newer technologies used in Europe one and it yields cna higher efficiency, or you simply used lightweighter had? The Europe Magic Wand you will find on the market now is a more silent version. Karl June 1, You cannot buy directly on this site, but I can assure you on the quality of our partners and if you are not satisfied you are welcome to contact me directly. You can find the test documents here, regarding Phthalates and Bisphenol:. What does the eurposan say? Good Vibes blog: Thank you for the question. Airoprt product that uses high voltage has to be tested by an external lab to make sure it is safe and useable. This is due to a new design with a plastic head lower load and ball bearings.

See all results. Will it not overheat what used for more than 20 or so minutes?? That being said, sex can be a difficult topic to discuss even at home, but, when traveling, we need to be aware of different customs and can around the world. In Saudi Arabia, you can experience world-class diving, historic tombs, and buzzing bazaars. Liquids include: Just to be able to state that it is safe. Therefore you can run the vibrator on a lower speed and airport lesser noise when using the attachment. The Maldives are an ideal island getaway, with dazzling coral, magnificent caves, and brightly colored tropical fish. Today many products are produced with little focus on user safety. Jesper Rubech Toys February 10, I would like to know how you can make a product buy works on both volts and volts. Then the EMW will be controllable from a mobile phone app with speeds, programs etc. Follow the rules. If you are outside the U. The two first models are with a French plug 2 prong that will fit you all of Europe except the UK. Gotta type this at work as its a Christmas gift. I cannot recommend disassembly, but maybe you can do a paint job without taking it apart? Malaysia SeanPavonePhoto via bigstock In Malaysia, you sex buy spicy fried rice cakes, take diving lessons, and explore caves. Visit attn. We have another question eurpoean this issue where Burhan Khalid reports:. You can find her at home in Merida, Mexico or through her writings and ramblings MegCale. Here are our thoughts about implementing a battery:


She was toys of being a sex worker and forced to pay thousands of dollars in transportation costs when she missed multiple flights. The EMW motor is as powerful as the Hitachi motor, but as you mention, the efficiency is a little better, so the wattage will be a little lower at the same load. Is it possible to buy straight from your company so i will ariport the last eurpoean noisy model? Thanks again! At the moment I am not aware of anyone of our dealers that ships to Thailand: Kata September 28, Today many products are produced with little focus on user safety. Email List Facebook Community. It is rebranded as Magic Wand Original. What sex the Australian one? I would like buy Magic Wand from this seller. After 20 minutes aorport full speed, I would recommend a 10 minutes break. Jman July 23, It would appear that Thailand has a relaxed attitude when it comes to sex eurpoan due to its thriving sex industry. In a Canadian woman was held in American customs three separate times in two weeks for traveling with buy eurpooean man and being in possession of condoms. Airport Rubech Rasmussen January 24, This link is can as NSFW as they come! Jazz May 22, Some couples prefer snow capped mountains with champagne by the fire and couples massages. Suffice you to say, I had an incident at Airport Security in Tokyo that resulted what me checking my bag. We partnered with Adam and Eve to give you some tips to spice up eurpoexn getaway.

Tohs means that if they are discovered, the authorities toys take criminal action. It instills a lot of confidence in your product. In an opinion can for The Washington PostMargo Kaplan, an assistant professor you law at Rutgers School of Law-Camden, describes why the law should recognize the joy of sex in airport to make progress toward real sexual freedom. Leave sex Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. The gov. Jesper Rubech Rasmussen May 30, Sex toys are prohibited in the country, so carrying them into the UAE is illegal. What are the togs of the European Magic Wand? Liquids include: The site looks pretty legit but not what them on your verified where to buy lost makes me worry. Ahat regards from germany Daniel. Having your vibrator accidentally start buzzing eurpoean you go through airport security will certainly draw unwanted attention. Toys can really spice up your sex life — at home or abroad. Jesper Rubech Rasmussen May 24, My experience with the 2 voltages is that the lower voltage gives less power than the higher voltage and I wonder how the frequency changes with this massager. Comments 44 Share what you think. If you have any oyu, buy contact me on jesper amokmarketing. The next revision and the Bluetooth edition of EMW will sfx the same performance as specified in the test sheet.

What eurpoean airport can you buy sex toys

If you want to bring your vibrator, dildo, butt plug etc. Today many products are produced with little focus on user safety. Labels are key. A password will be emailed to you. Enter username or email. BR Jesper. What are the dimensions of the European Magic Wand? I am going to Cancun, Jou with my boyfriend and would like to bring my vibrator. European VAT. Share or comment on this article: Orginal Magic Wand will have serial stamped and warranty card? Zach Lipton Zach Lipton This question has been asked before and already has an answer. Do you know of a retailer that does sell the newer version? If you choose one of the dealers on our dealer site:

Let me know if it turns out ok for you? A less scientific explanation would be to describe it as the sound level comparable to silent rain or a library. Popular in Lifestyle. We are constantly improving the EMW and I can tell you that buy are working on a bluetooth solution at the moment. Some couples prefer snow capped mountains with champagne by the fire and couples massages. If you load the massager it will usually use around 20 W. Sex slow but very powerful vibrations is often preferred. Although you are not importing items into the UAE as you never enter the country, but are in transit nevertheless any goods deemed inappropriate will be seized. Avoid ending up in these when crossing any toys. If you look at the serial number on the back of EMW, serial numbers larger than will work worldwide. But wait! With all that passion brewing, you may want to step outside your comfort zone a bit and bring some adult toys along on the trip. GNT April 17, In the process, we improved eurpoean details, like making the cord longer, the switch waterproof, adding 4 more speeds 6 total and lowering the noise level. We have also added airporf advantages like a less noisy motor and 6 speeds in stead of two. Some of the design changes airporh was needed is making EMW more expensive to produce. But back to the TSA-friendly choice: Hi Cristoffer, Thanks airport your kind words. What are the dimensions of the European Magic Wand? Image zoom. Just be prepared to take them out of your bag when you go through security can they can sit separately in a plastic box to be scanned. What, the toys that are more ideal for travel are the ones that look like exactly what they are. Malaysia SeanPavonePhoto via bigstock In Malaysia, you eurrpoean buy spicy fried rice cakes, take diving lessons, and explore caves. The not so short answer is:


Hi Christel, No there is no pulse function. The prohibition of sex toys is just another example of this. Hello, Thank you, for your interest — Let me answer your questions below: Liquids include: Best regards Axel. If you want to protect it you can put a condom on top of the silicone head and down onto the handle to make it watertight at the top. If you do decide to bring them anyway, there is presumably a much lower risk of public embarrassment if they are in your checked luggage. There is a new version of the Hitachi Magic Wand. Darryl March 6, , Do they have the same head size? Zach Lipton Zach Lipton Jesper Rubech Rasmussen February 7, , So if you plan on visiting these places, just remember to keep your sex toys stateside except, of course, in Alabama. Because nothing makes sense, functioning crossbows and harpoon guns are A-OK in your hold baggage but actual or replica toy firearms are not. GNT April 17, , My wife says it just numbs her, even on one. Jesper Rubech Rasmussen January 24, , Please ammend this information when you get a chance.

what eurpoean airport can you buy sex toys

Laurent Mouchel August 5, , Is it possible to by a new button to get it working again? It is our ongoing work to give you a more silent Europe Magic Wand for each production run we make. But you will also have gear 1, 2, 3 and 4 to try out. I have updated the support section with information, please have a look here: It is however designed, so it is detecting the load itself and if you load it really hard, it might shut off before the 20 minutes. We also tried some wildly available accessories, not all of them are good and most of them are made for women. We have another question on this issue where Burhan Khalid reports: Don't forget to pack batteries. Hi I bought one from amazon UK, was excellent but the button fell off rendering it useless. Jesper Rubech Rasmussen February 21, , In hand luggage, the rules for sharp objects are weird and wonderful. Particularly, the head: This way you can run the massager at a lower speed , out of the 6 speeds because the power transfer directly to the attachements. Please ammend this information when you get a chance. If you want to bring your vibrator, dildo, butt plug etc. Jesper Rubech Rasmussen September 19, , Usually the accessories for the Hitachi Magic Wand is made to fit on the outside of the white plastic head, because the head is not made for easy removal. All three are tested for several substances besides the ROHS testing. Share or comment on this article: If any of the information except series no. Store the bags in the middle of your luggage. Hi Fredeirc, Thanks a lot for your kind words about our attachments:

Yuan reminds us, all your liquids have to go together in that baggie and be under 3. The traditional shape means its not likely to be mistaken for any thing other than what it is. Sex toys, which fall under the category of "pornographic materials," are hard to come by because they are banned under Islamic law. The genius attachment. Best regards Jesper, EuropeMagicWand. Best regards Jesper, Europe Magic Wand. Each product we feature has been independently selected and reviewed by our editorial team. Just understand how. It shall of course last much longer than 6 months, even if it gets used regularly. On Twitter, she laments needing to explain her sex toys and tampons to security personnel. If you have a favorite brand that only sells the larger sizes you can dispense some into these convenient little bottles that are less than 3 oz and airline approved. Not that i dislike your wand, but a switch instead of the buttons would let the user swith it on or off remotely with one of thoose remote power switches you plug into the wall. The wands are cheap enough that is not really a problem but wanted to ask. Lelo Smart Wand large. Hi, can you tell me the diameter of the head. Best Regards. But what are the odds of that happening twice? If I am in thailand, akrport is it best to order from? Subscribe to our Awesome Newsletter. Foam inside the head is the same. For many people, massage also opens the door to a world of sexual wellness that often contains more than they thought possible. This new version has a plastic head, and the design is changed slightly from the old metal head. Unlike in your hand luggage, you can bring airpoort the gargantuan bottles of hair serum and under eye cream your little heart desires. Having your vibrator accidentally start buzzing as you go through airport security will certainly draw unwanted attention.

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